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Welcome to DIY Home Automation - Home Automation Lighting, Heating, & Smart Home Security

  1. Control your home anywhere
  2. A Smart Home Controller for Every need & budget
  3. Control everything at home
  4. Your smart home is always within reach
  5. Voice Activated control. (Amazon's Alexa voice command platform integration with Smart Home Controller such as Home Seer or Vera Edge. 

"Alexa, open the gate" or "Alexa, turn on the dining light". Echo can control smart home devices and you can turn your lights on and off, open the gate with your voice)

For decades we’ve been dreaming of complete home automation solutions that are luxurious, easy to use and affordable. Well... we've achieved all three. By using our products, you can not only light up a room automatically, but you can even do it remotely, using an iPhone, iPad or Android Device! Add electricity & video monitoring to the mix and and you'll be saving electricity and securing your home, no matter where you are.

Sounds Interesting? - Let's Automate!

So... how do we do all this? 

Let us introduce you to Z-Wave; a technology that can be embedded within your home to seamlessly provide home automation to schedule tasks, provide motion detected lighting, trigger events, and even give you complete control over all of this right from a simple touch, no matter where you are! Our home automation products make you aware of what’s going on within your house and puts money back in your wallet that you would otherwise be spent on unnecessary and rising energy costs.

Above all else, all DIY Home Automation products are earth-friendly, secure and guaranteed to make your daily life more efficient, as your system can be tailored just for you. Add our products to a brand new house just recently built, or even to an existing home that has been well loved and lived in - The option is yours, we'll just help with the right products, at the right time... all at a quarter of the price of compatible home automation solutions.

Check out our Australian Z-Wave Products to give you an idea of what we can do, or Contact Us should you have an specific questions - We would be more then happy to assist.

As one of the largest range of smart home automation products and systems in Australia and New Zealand, we provide home automation products and services, from design all the way to installation for your new/existing home featuring Z-Wave; a wireless technology that's simple to use and great value for money.​

Shop for every major home automation brand & technology - built around our unique compatibility platform to simplify your smart home journey, and all backed by our famous support, thousands of free smart home guides and flat rate delivery.

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