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Safer, smarter homes start with Z-Wave

It is the smarter choice for smart homes. With the largest choice of smart home products, Z-Wave provides more choice for homeowners and renters. Either you're building a new home or retrofitting, choosing Z-Wave for all your home automation needs guarantees you the most practical, reliable and affordable solution possible. 

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  • Controllers
    <p>Hardware or Software to help run your Home Automation setup, tried and tested with Z-Wave products. </p>
  • Starter Kits
    <p>Z-Wave Starter Kits to get you started on the way to a fully automated house.</p>
  • Climate Control
    <p>Save money on your energy bills by automatically lowering heating and cooling to economy levels when there's no one detected at home. Turn the temperature up or down remotely with your smartphone or tablet. Improve passive solar heating and cooling through the automatic control of blinds, roller shutters, windows and fans, based on ambient conditions and time of day. These Z-Wave enabled products will give you perfect climate control.</p>
  • Accessories
    <p><strong>Z-Wave Accessories &amp; Miscellaneous Products</strong></p>
  • Appliance Control
    <p><span>Our Z-Wave appliance modules allow you to remotely control all sorts of household appliances. Choose from basic plug-in switches for simple control of lamps, kitchen appliances and A/V equipment, to one of our in-wall switches which are designed to be hidden away behind existing manual electric fittings to turn any switch into a smart switch.</span></p>
  • Doors & Windows
    <p>Life style and we have everything you need for superior home safety and comfort! Reduce your energy footprint through the automatic control of blinds, roller shutters and windows. Control who has access to your home, and when, through automated door locks. Get notifications on your phone when the garage door has been left open. The benefits are endless.</p>
  • Lighting Controls
    <p>Our Z-Wave Modules for lighting products provide you the very best in automated lighting. From simple plug-in modules for controlling lamps and other plug-in light sources, to our in-wall dimmers and relays which sit hidden away behind your existing light switches. </p> <p></p> <p>For the ultimate in style and function, our Z-Wave lighting sets will replace those tired old manual light switches with modern Clipsal Impress or Saturn series fittings.</p>
  • Remote Controls
    <p>The Z-Wave remote controls modules allow you to activate a few of your most important scenes quickly and conveniently; like turning off a group of lights at bedtime or arming and disarming your Z-Wave alarm system. They are most commonly used in conjunction with a compatible home controller. </p>
  • Sensors & Security
    <p>Sensors are an important part of any great smart home. They're the things that make your home "aware" to provide an advanced level of automation, security and safety. </p> <p>From multi function motion and smoke detectors, to keyless door locks, cameras and sirens. When combined, these products allow you to build your own sophisticated wireless security system at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wired solution.​​​​ </p>

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