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The single greatest thing about Z-Wave technology is its simplicity in both user control and installation. This technology isn’t too good to be true, it is no mirage, it is the power of human innovation at its finest; created by the power of human imagination for the necessity of human relaxation and peace-of-mind.

No running wires all over your house. No having to rip down the walls. No electricians spending days in your home, disrupting your life. Only functionality in home automation that streamlines lighting, power, and security; we guarantee you won’t know how you ever lived without it!

All About Z-Wave

Be more specific. What exactly can it do?

It can almost do anything that you could want it to do. The human brain is linked by an infinite amount of connections, creating an infinite amount of responses. The Z-Wave technology operates in a similar fashion; it’s a network of connections working together to create a seamless automated design that works with your lights, appliances, security system, doors, windows, etc.

All of which you can schedule and customise as easily as you can your mobile phone. Have your blinds automatically close at times of the day when there would be a glare on the television or have your front door unlock as you approach it; the DIY Home Automation system is yours to mold and command.

Just curious; how exactly does it do all of that?

Simple wireless communication, at a low, secure RF frequency, with a central nervous system that can function from anywhere in your home, no matter how many walls or obstructions. The home automation receiver triggers all of the events that are scheduled and automated, and even has the ability to problem solve should it run into a connection issue, relaying off of back-up devices to find the signal. This problem solving ability is what sores the Z-Wave technology up, above and beyond all of it's competitors, especially the legacy X10 technology.

If that wasn’t enough, Z-Wave also beats out X10 with it’s 2-way communicative ability, providing your receiver with a confirmation from it’s signal’s destination point once it’s reached it. All within a fraction of a second, without you or your family ever missing a step.

Intelligence in technology. It’s what’s for dinner.

Tell me more about how it compares to X10. Well:







Average Response Time

0.05 seconds

2 seconds

Capability / Distance

Entire House

~2-3 Rooms


RF (radio frequency)



2 Way Communication

No acknowledgement

Energy Saving Built-in



Security Built-in






I’m sold. How do I make my life easier, right now?

All of our home automation products are available for view and purchase right here. You’ll find that they are the cheapest of their kind throughout all of Australia. Have fun and we hope you enjoy your new DIY Home Automation Z-Wave System!

Z-Wave is one such technology, and we’re specialists in it.

Like Wi-Fi, Z-Wave is a wireless communication technology. It allows all of DIY Home Automation Z-Wave devices to talk to each other, and to other approved Z-Wave devices no matter who has made them. All of that communication happens reliably, without interference, without consuming a lot of power, and it all happens securely.

Below you can find out more about our Z-Wave home automation products and our different Z-Wave ranges.


No cables. No complex installation. No fuss.

Z-Wave uses a low-frequency, high-range wireless technology allowing our Z-Wave products to talk over distances as great as 300 feet / 91 metres.

Low power.

Whether it's a Z-Wave product we've designed to help you save energy or one of our battery powered products, all our our devices utilise Z-Wave's low power capabilities.


Home automation needs to be secure. But it often isn't. Our product range of Gen5 Z-Wave products set themselves apart by utilising multiple layers of security, from device codes to signal encryption, to avoid security breaches and interference.

Interference free.

Little is worse than unreliability. Z-Wave avoids being affected by, as well as causing, wireless interference and weak signals by using low-frequency channels to communicate.

z-wave mesh
Mesh technology.

Wireless signals get lost. Z-Wave signals don't. That's because key Z-Wave devices act as part of a mesh network, receiving, amplifying and repeating signals intended for other Z-Wave devices.

build z-wave system

Buy a device today and another in a year. Z-Wave is the expandable Z-Wave home automation standard, capable of being expanded and modified at any time, and to suit any budget.

diy z-wave
Easy to use.

Whether they're DIY or professionally done, Aeotec's Z-Wave products have been designed to be easy to install and be even easier to use.

z-wave compatible
Cross compatible.

It's your home and it's your system. Z-Wave affords you the use of any manufacturers' hardware, any Z-Wave chip including the new Z-Wave 500 series, and any interface from computers to iPhones. Experience it as you want.