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What's Z-Wave Gen5 ?    

Latest Z-Wave.

Gen5 is powered by Z-Wave technology. But not any old Z-Wave technology, it's powered by the latest and the best. Inside each of Aeotec by Aeon Labs' Gen5 products you'll find the new Z-Wave 500 series chip. It's the foundation that we use to maximise the performance and capabilities of Gen5.

Always-on security.

As home automation becomes more popular, security becomes more relevant. You have to be able to trust the devices which manage your home. You can trust Gen5. Every single Gen5 product has the most advanced security possible. That security is heightened through Gen5's AES-128 data encryption.

Lowest power.

Some of the best home control devices are battery powered. But no one wants to be constantly replacing batteries. Gen5 offers the lowest powered Z-Wave implementation yet. On average, each Gen5 product uses 67% less power than older Z-Wave devices.

Better wireless.

Wireless that works. Aeotec perfectly engineers the antenna in each Gen5 product so that its wireless range goes 50% further. Faster. More powerfully. Gen5 features a faster communication rate between Z-Wave devices, and offers a more powerful signal without impacting on battery life.