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Water Sensor 6

Water Sensor 6

aeotec z-wave water sensor 6

Water Sensor 6.

Flood sensor.
Leak sensor.
Safety sensor.

Total Control.

Water Sensor 6 monitors your home.

pipe leak and  pipe burst sensor

Leaks & bursts.
Water Sensor 6 can detect minuscule amounts of water – as little as 0.5mm / 0.02” of water. That makes it your first line of defence against damaged plumbing.

flood sensor

Whether a small amount or large, Water Sensor 6 also is perfect at protecting against the floods you can anticipate, such as sumps and in basements.

overflow sensor

Accidents happen but that doesn’t make the damage caused by forgotten taps any less expensive. Water Sensor 6 can alert you to the water you’ve forgotten to turn off before it’s too late.

Water Sensor 6 helps protect your home.

Water Sensor 6 doesn’t just monitor for when a pipe has burst or is leaking, it can take protective measures to help limit the amount of damage caused.

Using the power of Z-Wave you can put Water Sensor 6 in control of other Z-Wave devices so that, when the worst occurs, Water Sensor 6 do anything from sending alerts to turning off electricity and water valves in order to protect your home and your loved ones.

leaking pipes

water valve leak

Auto-close water valves.
In the event of a pipe burst, use Water Sensor 6 to turn off electronic water valves via Z-Wave.

z-wave sump pump

Turn on sump pumps.
When water is detected, turn on electronic sump pumps your gateway or Z-Wave switches.

power off

Auto turn off power.
Water and electricity don’t mix. Protect your home and family by turning off electronics in the event of a leak or flood.