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Ness M1 Z-Wave Gateway

Ness M1 Z-Wave Gateway


The M1 Z-Wave Gateway Controller is an affordable interface to allow interfacing of Z-Wave devices to Ness M1 controller.

It can work stand alone or interface to the Ness M1.

M1 Z-Wave Gateway allows you to create and control your very own Z-Wave smart home.

* - Control over 220 devices at a time from Vera Edge (can be extended to even more)
* - Supports all Z-Wave certified devices in AUS/NZ/BR frequency of 921.42MHz, including Z-Wave Plus!
* - WPS easy push button pairing for Wi-Fi devices
* - User-friendly app for Apple IOS and Google Android with 300+ plug-ins
* - Geo fencing feature lets your house or office know when you're coming or going
* - No monthly fees
* - One of the most resourceful smart home communities online
* - Local Z-Wave control of devices so your scenes and schedule work even without Internet
* - Plug and play with Auto Sync of M1 Data to Z-Wave Controller using Ness M1 Plugin.
* - Interfaces to Ness M1 via LAN. (M1XEP required - Sold seperatly)


      Product Details

      Using the popular VERA Edge Home Controller backbone with the new Ness M1 plugin you can do anything today's most advanced smart homes can do. This Z-Wave gateway allows you to control your smart home devices from the Ness M1, a mobile device or computer. 

      This new model includes features such as geo fencing which notifies your Z-Wave network when you are coming home and can therefore activate any M1 Task, control lighting (Z-Wave or other 3rd party lights such as C-Bus, Dynalite etc) or activate Ness M1 outputs. It can make sure you have just the right temperature in your bedroom or living room when you arrive. It will help you save energy by switching off all lights and unnecessary equipment when you leave. There are thousands of ways to make your home or office more secure and efficient.