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Touch Panels (1 button) (White / Ocean Mist)
  • Touch Panels (1 button) (White / Ocean Mist)

Touch Panels (1 button) (White / Ocean Mist)

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White Touch Panel for Micro (1 button)

Replace your existing switch with a modern touch switch. The Touch Panel for Micro can integrate with an In Wall Lighting Module and talk directly to your Z-Wave network.


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With a swift touch of your fingertips, Touch Panel draws you into the domestic scene crafted for the modern home. You can easily replace your existing switch with Touch Panel, and you won’t have to change a single wire. Touch Panels contains the functionality of a conventional switch within its stylish glass panel design.
z-wave touch switch
Touch glass.
It’s the cool touch of glass that greets your every press of the Touch Panel for Micro, and a soft blue light that illuminates from behind it.
black or white switch
Match Touch Panel for Micro with your home’s deco, complementing its curved aluminium sides with white glass.
diy installation
Easy install.
Touch Panel for Micro is simple to install, with only a few, low-powered wires to connect to a Micro controller.
z-wave switch
Replaces existing switch.
Touch Panel for Micro isn’t complex – in fact it uses the same wiring as any switch and Z-Wave micro controller installation. It simply replaces your existing switch.
Technical specifications
Rated voltage: 3.3 V DC
Working Environment: -25 ~ 50 (temperature)
                                  5% ~ 80% (humidity)

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