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Stylish and Smart: Best of both worlds

Stylish and Smart: Best of both worlds

Stylish and Smart: Best of both worlds

The desire of every homeowner is a stylish house, fully furnished to your own taste. From retro to modern, from sleek to rural. A stylish house comes in all shapes and sizes. Whatever type of interior is best for you, stylish and smart go hand in hand perfectly! With Homey you create a smart home completely to your taste and style.

(Roller) Blinds

Windows can be found in every house. (Roller) blinds are therefore an excellent opportunity to decorate and accentuate your windows. The offer of (roller) blinds is enormous. Roller blinds, sun screens and curtains are some examples. It doesn’t stop there, the next step is choosing the right material and the desired color(s). With the right window coverings you can make your interior into a whole.

Smart Roller Blind

In this time, innovation is the order of the day, also when it comes to (roller) blinds. SUNWAY® is one of the precursors in the field of innovative window coverings. In addition to Z-wave Motor Module, all window coverings with a Somfy RTS, Brel or Bofu motor can be controlled. For example, with electrically operated window coverings, you can control your roller blinds from a distance. Fully integrated and operational in the Our Smart Home Controller App such as : Fibaro, Vera Mobile, HSTouch, Homey Smartphone App.

With smart lighting you control the mood

Another aspect in the interior is lighting. When decorating a home, lighting is not always the priority. However, lighting has a great influence on the atmosphere in a room. In a living room a soothing, atmospheric light is pleasant. In an office space, sufficient white light works a lot better. Light intensity and the color of the lighting play a major role in this. Work with different lamps for a playful effect and be creative. Test multiple setups and discover what lighting can do for your home.

A decorative floor lamp is easily remotely controlled with a smart plug. Smart plugs are available in different variants and can be concealed practically invisibly. Do you prefer to play with the setting of light? Then choose a smart LED lamp. Most smart lights are dimmable and available in both white and color. Set the desired color based on your mood.

Bring your home to life

Nice swinging or a relaxed jazz sound, whatever your preference, music brings a house to life. In a stylish house you naturally want to prevent a music installation from becoming a thorn in the eye. Go for a Sonos One, a compact wireless speaker. Available in both black and white and due to the elegant design suitable for any interior. With Homey Flow you make music a part of your smart home.

Wonderful Fragrance

Often the statement reads: ‘pleasing to the eye’. But let’s not forget our nose. All senses want to be stimulated. Therefore, attention must certainly be paid to the scent in the house.

Products for a pleasant fragrance indoors are everywhere. There is plenty of choice between fragrance sticks, candles, incense and fragrance burners. Everything for a wonderful fragrance experience.

The eye is certainly not forgotten, for every interior there is often a suitable product. Rituals lifts fragrance experience to a higher level with their luxuriously designed perfume machine. 

It is a real eye catcher that ensures an ultimate sense of smell. The fragrance cartridges are available in different scents. The Rituals wireless perfume diffuser can be manually operated or perfumed at predetermined times. It can even become part of your smart home by connecting it to Homey. The Homey Rituals App helps you with this.

By stimulating all the senses you add an extra dimension to your home and your interior really comes into its own. Be inspired in our Talks with Homey Store and discover what perfectly fits into your stylish and smart home.


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